Your First Time?

We will be as gentle as possible. There is always someone we run into and it's  their first time. 

Therefore, know we have YOU in mind we care about YOU....even your pockets. ;-)

Our recommendation is six 30 min. sessions, but at least 4 sessions is good.

The Mature Audience

For those that have been there and done that...yep, we have a nice little special price for you too, so, jump on the phone and call us.

What is it, you ask? We have grown up so we don't tell..he-he. Call us so we can talk!

The Kid At Heart

Ok, we know kids...they're curious! They want to know so they snoop and look and listen until they find it. So for those still a kid at heart, here's for you:

Each 30 min sessions: $350

*Hint: If you purchase sessions in advance, you can get a discount.